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Thursday, August 14, 2008


There, the colourful garden

Without its gesture

In the wake of the dusk

Smeared with dust and rubble.

Fragrance in the air,

Humming bees, and

Chirpping birds,

A joy for all,

And the love for one--where?

Lost in the depths of the earth,

Struggling against nature

For the hope to emerge

Under torrid conditions.

The beauth that is engraved

Never fails in its attire - for

The wilted flower

Born for one

After years of patient hope.


Trekking through the vast terrain
Lying sprawled beyond the horizon,
I enounter a strange feeling.
On my left a vast expanse
Of green meadows.
Horses and sheep graze lazily
On the rich ground.
The plight of the bony animals
Send a wave of
Shock and distress.
Peacocks dance to the
Merriment of the coming breeze,
A scene of satisfaction and hunger.
A piercing shreik
Drew my attention,
On my right a vast expanse
Of ploughed land.
Nature waits to see
The cruel whips of the lord,
Transforms the waste
Into full bloom
Toiling under the sweat and tears.
Those watching hawks
Hold the eins that leads to
The cruel laws of bonded labour,
A scene of injustice and slavery.
With stained cheeks
And ladn heart, I continue..
An instinct stir within
For the need to revolt
To free the caged birds.
One born with love,
Lived with care,
To live in happiness
And to die in freedom.
The failure to recognize one's
Identity is the beinning of disaster,
And reformation is the
Beginning of wisdom,
A view through humanity.


A streak of lightning

And a mighty roar

Shattered the eerie silence

Of the torrid summer.

It signalled the end

Of an ordeal

That was long overdue

With a sigh of relief.

Aroused those pregnant clouds

Adrift high above

With a tender touch

To answer the nature's call.

In grief and anxiety

The parched earth

Smiled to receive

The first showers.

Those cool and loving touch

Heralds an era of

Progress and prosperity

For all alike.

The ensuing embrace

Pull us out of our hiding

With outstretched arms

a of

tender touch



Those two litle hands

When touched my shoulders,Aroused me

From semi-consciousness

To excite

Those exotic feelings

Which lay buried deep

My shy

Sensuousness arose

Whenshe whispered--

Those words


A thousand times.

That keeps up my emotionslively.

A short moment of excitement

Was terminated.

It finally exploded

To shatter the crystal ball

To innumerous pieces.

Time will alone

Assemble it.

Back into slumber I fall.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the rain
weaves together
the thread of the bygone
and the forthcoming;
while the booming elements
the virgin earth's
new sensuousness
sending probing hands
into death's deep silence
by v.jayaramdas [posted on 13/08/2008]