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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


A sudden spray of water
Percolate thro' my hair,
Tickles my skin
To arouse some
Of my dormant inhibitions,
Of a cooling touch
The water runs down
My body-
To kill the torrid feeling
That stayed to give some uneasy moments.
Now clensed-
I walk out into the fragrant air
Who hugs in affection
With a parting kiss,
Still moist
Till the next......


This collosal structure
Stand on frail pillars
Over an unsound basement.
The sins of injustice
Infused into the veins
Stands to pollute.

At the mercy
Of the raging multitudes
Throws a face of cowardice.
Unless the consciousness
Revolt against reality,
We stand no choice.

Survival seems obsolete,
As the basement cracks
To give way for the pillars
To bring down the edifice
Down at the feet of the captive

To sink the load,
Seems an ardous task
For the past
Weighs heavily
Against odds around.


Walking thro' the green pastures
Alone in thought
Accompanied by emptiness
Of cool breeze and surrounding-
In company of solitude an hope.
The nature nods in appreciation,
Deceit or envy,
All swirls around
To comfort in reality.
Dark clouds above
Accompany for miles at stretch
To shower the seeds of goodwill
That will long live
In the memories of the past
And generation to follow.

Captivates the inner feelings
To savour and drown
The ecstacy and labour of truth
That lies in the torrent
Which succeeds
To sow and reap the fruit of hopefulness.
Bathed in a veil of despair,
Yearn for the morrow
To bring and guide
Thro' the winding path
Hidden ahead.


A verse that
Transforms into
Sweet melodies,
Strikes the inner surface
To stir up happiness
And lock up
Those tragic moments
For a timely intervention.
To absorb the harmony
Of passive voice
Flowing out of
Concentrated effects
To kindle those elusive embers,
And sparkle forth
To smile and cheer
The imprisoned
Enthusiastic emotions
For a moment of time
In life's gamble.


Can I share the bench?
Sure, why not-
That was rather involuntary.
Perfume and artificial make-up
Polluted the air around.
Rather suffocating and nauseating-
A quick glance in discomfort
Greets with a flowing smile.
Gleeming yellow teeth and odour,
Churned my stomach vigorously.
Excuse me and got to leave,
She followed behind.
Thro' the surging crowd I escaped
And landed
Amidst some groovy ones.
Steps behind came to a still-
I dropped beside them on the stony bench,
Instantly they sprang to their feet
And abused-you stinking animal.
My lips moved without a sound and turned around,
Ran into a lady, for such was the haste,
Looked up straight and recognised--
Again those yellow teeth- Oh you again.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Honour your respect
And your friends
In true sense of human nature.
For every road to
Perfection leaves
Some space
For all alike-
At some stage during the journey.
All deeds are created
For some comes unexpectedly.
Strive to uplift
The morals
In lasting peace
And secuity and serenity
During the events that follow.


Come to me
I'll sing a little song,
It's about a bumble bee
Who cared to live so long
In this funny world,
Worth all the care,
So brave and bold
He seemed to share.

Here and there he hovers
With a piercing sound,
Among the flowers
He's sure to be found.
skimming over the heads
To scare those little children
Playing with tiny beads
In the beautiful garden.

Chased away fom their midst
To a distant place,
Riding at the crest
With all its powerful grace.
As the sun grew bold
The air began to churn.
Suddenly they disappear into the distant
For he's sure to return again.


Tulips and lillies
Adorn the table.
The light illuminates a sheet of paper,
And a pen in my hand.
All movements ceased
The time to work
For those who toil under the burning candle light.

Gentle flame of flicker
And throws my shadow on the wall behind.
Sheets of paper strewn around
Accounts for an uncertain beginning.
Probed and pinched, all in vain
Within the yellow flame.
Blue and yellow nods at me-
Sorry, 'tis a long time passed
And still at the very beginning.

Roses and poppies came from different land
For one holds not all-
I curse in discontent
And tear up another paper-and
After some time
My hands feel the wooden table,
Looked down and saw it staring with emptiness.


The call of nature no one knows
Knocks at all door
Once in a lifetime-
The harbinger of tranquility and respite
Holds the unity of all sensuousness.
Sedulous and worldly pleasures
Brings along a thoughtful opinion, the clouds of restlessness.

Our companion all along
Shores the conflict of righteousness
During the inevitable turn of events-
Rather reluctantly yeild.
Then he goes in search of another companion.

Recollections of a horrible dream.

At the dawn of evolution born and rose from the depths of the bowels of the crust, twisted and ground evolves an entity and emerges through the veil of destiny. A cruel fate of destiny encircles the body that emerges from its shadow to the rays of sunshine to envlope them and drown in the quicksand and then disappears to eternity. Then again arose from the depths of the quagmire, an element that strangles and chokes. That is: metamorphosis is the manifestation of a morbid schizophrenic in totality of his internal self. He is submissive to all forms of sanity and is caught in the cobweb of one's own mutilated compulsions.