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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Queer are the ways of human beings,
That etch the pages-
A play of tragedy and comedy
Woven thro' the heights and depths
Of surging endeavour.
Calls that chases the openings
Bows before the gate of charity and gratitude.
Teasing and compelling,
Struggling in situations
That marks and blots the leaves
To emerge from the situation
Of nobility
At the hour of lasting farewell.


While walking thro' a deserted lane,
A veil of darkness fell across.
Like a sudden lightwening and thunder,
The door bolts itself
Far away from visibility.
In the period of submission,
Lay an ordeal.
Flicker of light
Falls from the candle,
It's rays drew the veil--
A picture of brutal assault.
Fluttering between life and death,
Destructive intuition of the upsurging elements
Spread wide to mutilate
The complex pattern
Of human rights.


Look around in delight
Then hold your breath
For a moment of respite.
Patience that pinch your nerves,
Bubbles with inquisitiveness
To reach out for the secret
They lay buried for generations--
In the depths lie
The mystery.
Missing link that chases in pursuit
The theories of the mind,
Intensifies deeper
And weighs upon
Your patience and perseverence.
Hold in patience-when
Itself unfolds the secret
In all probability.


A sitution by the stroke of fate--
Not the blue blood
Or of a low cast,
Nor the difference in colour,
Cast and creed.
Blood just remains the same
For all alike.
Years of crushed misery
And intended slavery
Evolved the class
Of working men.
Drawing a line betwix
Is to cast your belongings
To the pyre.
Once born, they work
To live a honest life.
A perfect co-existence
When the intelligence
Built by bravery and hardwork
Bear fruit.
Some who work in shade
And some toil in the sun.