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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Deathly silence of the night
Drowns the world in darkness,
But for the little candle light
There harbour a feeling of hopefulness.
Trees, mountains and hills
drawn behind the curtains.
Fragrant air that fills
And softens my heart within.
Stars that beautify
In mixing colours,
The heavenly canopy
With seducing contours.
A flicker of hope
Through the surging covers,
The hour to elope
To drench in cooling showers.
I've come to shed
The beastly burden,
Then to be led
Into your sensuous garden.
To lie on the grassy bed,
I come for a nap.
Allow me to rest my head
On your cosy lap.
Swimming in the sea of anxiety,
Waves lash against me.
At last lifts me in royalty
Out of the turbulent sea.
When sleep reaches the crest,
A spell of biting cold.
She hugs me to ber breast,
Firm in her hold.
In this testing weather
Came with deep insight.
Oh! mother
Come let us unite.
Far from the madding crowd-I tried
To resist the torturous weather,
Shattering the deathly silence-I cried,
Nature you are my mother.


Why do you have to carry
the weight on your shoulders successfully for
the generation of the past, present an also
the future?
Strive to awake to eash yourself
for a thorough rehabilitation.
Thurning the leaves
that depict the culture which hold the
mirror of society
A thorough clean-up
and clear the dark shadows in truth and trust.
The immense vocabulary
in varying styles throw a glimpse of all times.
A storehouse of knowledge
works to uplift the need of humanity with
gratitude and reference.
to check the follies and to carve
the lives of such past glory in hope of more.


An anonymous butterfly
In sagacious thought
from the soul of one
Was sporofically engraved.
They intervwened in melifluous steps
That left no mark
On snow or silt
But in the sanctuary of love.
Her sinuous curves
And anomalous heartbeat
Adore her faultless smile
Like a lotus in a pond
It was spuriously reincarnated
Bythose medacious bastards.,
From whom escape became inevitable,
Was pitied by an anonymous.
Ingenuous in blood,
Retroactive days that were sunk
Was a demure in society.
Impious in the open
And ludicrous in eyes.
This pivotal event in life
Was to help a prenatal
When the gift of nature
Was outracised
As a victim of incursion,
Blame not the innocent

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I call you to rise
From your shadows
To try and cast away
Into the exiled world.
An attempt to abort
The unpleasant feeling
Bathed in torrents
To drown the unhealthy.
A lease of fresh air
I inhale to clense and remove
The surroundings
To the bowels of the earth.
The shadow that stick to the heels
Is the companion of solitude,
A friend
Who never deserts.
Paying the ingratitude
In the coin,
Comes to surface
In the long run.
But, still for the memories
Of the complexities of life,
In the background of our consciousness.


Thoughts that tastes too sour
Finds hard to digest
On an empty stomach.
The quiet rivulet turns turbid
At the confluence of an angry river.
Accident that overwhelms the beauty
Unassuming it goes.
Beyond the control of human forces
The earth to slide.
They wash away the silt
To shores of distant lands.
Burnt tongue with sores of blisters and
Multiple bitterness
With intoxication and nausea.


Walked into an atmosphere,
there carved
What one foresees
the secondary rudiments of one's life.
The strange darkness
To empower the helpless
In its sadistic approach.
Caught in the light and dragged
To face the absurdities.
With a shower of blessings
Strode into solitude,
And stood amidst semi-hostility.
Ringing words
That echo in reverberation,
The sensual wish of
an unreflective, arrogant and affectionate being.


How are poems written?
Are they musical and rhythmic?
Sweet an simple
And easy to follow?
How are poems written now?
Are they symbolic and abstract?
Vague and puzling
In modern times?
Pondering over
To decipher
Those scattered lines
That lay in bonds,
As a spongy fruit
Within the hard shell.
Tender is your heart
Where the beauty lies
Not on your smiling face
Nor the disdainful one.
But from your innocent blush
That holds the key
To the secret
That lie hidden
In your chastity
Embossed with love
And sincerety.


Beautiful, beautiful,
Dressed in colouful
With classic pose
and hidden talent.
Bells tingling 'round ankles,
For attraction at all angles,
Flowing hair down her hips,
Awaiting romeos for their glance.
Maiden with uncaptured virginity,
Not all-but few
Crying for equality
Against odds.
Ealking in rhythmic steps, and
Singing in enchanting tune,
Sweeter than cuckoo-
My love.
Ever smiling, ever dreaming,
Day and night-my beloved.
I love to see you happy always,
Until eternity.
Grace capturing my heart
to find a place
In the chamber
Bound in golden chains.
Come, come my love
Tight in embrace,
Belonging to each other
Till death.
How I longed
To meet
In seclusion
At this happy hour.


She knew it was a mistake,
I knew it too--
But the situation demanded her to voice,
Not out of pain, but for prestige,
Wise counsels failed to impress and the insult was nauseating.
With broken limba and bruises,I nurse them in silence.
What's her name-I don't know,
Like many other strangers, she was too,
Flare ups and commotion wrought havoc when peace returned.
Her whereabouts-I don't know
I think what would befall, if it takes place always.
To a barrage of questions, I answered
All to myself, and to the eyes of all witness; I fel in shame.
Anything more-I looked for some answer that loomed large-
At last an apology-I owe her or her to me?
None will understand for the truth pricks within us-
Interpertation finds many routes,
And a bold attempt will overide all ego.
That wounding stab was rather deep,
With all that diminished courage, lack of discipline and application
In right perspect---An apology means nothing.


Star of the night
Spread its rays of illumination,
Is a light of all being
Tortured for its beauty.
In changing colours
They float accross the vast sky
Of lifes' labour
above the horizon.
Towards the dark space
My heart races
To feel those glittering diamonds
Strewn all over.
Purity and beauty
Transfixes my mind
Like a huge curtain
Hanging between us.
with lasting gracefulness
It wanders aimlessly
Through the desert
In a confined path.
It seemed to move further away
With an inevitable wink
Of the exquisite star.
My body aches to feel,
To touch the little one.
For the need to answer
The call of nature,
I stumble
Leaving us in confinement.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Friendship and generosity
Educates our knowledge
To hear the suffering
Under extreme devotion.
They share the charity bestowed
With affection and satisfaction.
Purifies the culture
In the honour of the day
That lifts the glory
From grief
To flower his fortune
With forgiveness.
An example of goodness
Also weighs on the humour
To defeat
The delusion of dishonesty.
Sincerety and sympathy
Promise a fresh lease
Of confidence
To humiliate
Those showered insult,
To redeem
The lost virtue.


Love is your only asset,
Let harbour near the coast
Of human relations
Over 'humanitarian waters'.
Hold the rope
That carries the anchoe
In warm embrace.
A weapon far too superior
As to defuse a nuclear bomb.
Guide your ship
Through the stormy weather
In turbulent waters
Towards the city of bliss.
Attain peace, love and courtesy
To become a legend.
In ushering an era of
Peaceful co-existence----
A unique achievement
In the history of the world.


My legenary castles
Stand in dusty ruins
With lofty towers,
The crippling winter-
And burning sumer.
Wind slaps my cheeks
and whispered a legendary story.
In mystic beauty and
Artistic view, and
Aesthetic surroundings,
My heart races to inspire
The lost feelings.
To awake from the ruins,
Out into reality,
And light the fire
In the world of my
Bonded exile.


Power--that stood formcreation
Of the vivid scene around,
Yellow,green, brown and many more
Of intelligently shaped pattern,
For all that streth beyond our vision.
Living and non-living
That rule this universe
Treasure the secret of creation.
Our urge to probe
Further mystifies
The increasing number of questions
That is left unanswered,
For to unlock the secret of creation.
Maybe an invention of
A freak calamity, or
The extinction of all life
From the face of the earth.
Such is the power of creation
Beyond imagination
Of living creatures.


Mystic air and serenity,
Glittering carpet
Spread ahead
The nascent rays
of the morning sun.
She flies above
Clear of hinderencwe
In complete freedom.
My heart aches
For the longing hope
In utter despair
I watch
Her manoevouring
thro' the clouds.
A majestic look,
alone and out of bondage.
Superstitions and prejudices
Are the sadistic feature
That captures a few
In this roaring age.
That stain my cheeks
Transforms into a stream
That runs endlessly.
They converge
When I embrace.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


She came through the dim,
Light clothed in the thinnest,
A transparent curtain
Hides the sanctity of love
With a touch of the wind.
With quiet steps and swinging hips
She fell into my hands.
Her buxom breast and hard nipples,
All rosy
to crush against my bare chest.
To cushion our desires
In shared warmth,
The soft body
A specimen of controlled perfection.
Sucking at her nipples
We lay unperturbed.
Head rests on her lap
And her hand weaves through
My ruffled hair
Whispering a hilarious story.
An excitement at the cost of
Critical comments.
My fingers harp on her breasts,
And calls me over
To part in embrace
From patting and petting.
Asked to awake from slumber
Away from hipnotising holocast
Emerging from the
Sea of delusions
Into the world of reality.


"Jasmine" that catches
The mounting crowds,
In endless pursuit,
The melliferous valley
With long tentacles,
Walked into the garden
Hearing the rumble
That yeilds to none
But one-
A glimpse of the shadow
Through the murky clouds,
With negligee and a bunch of flowers,
There stand the princess of the garden
In excuisite outlook.
In a state of frenzy,
She aroused my feelings
In exhibition.
Lo, a mirageous minx,
In cold climate I stand.


Humour come not
from your heart
but from the inner surface
of the dormant feelings
in a heavy flood
flowing thro' the body.
But they lie embalmed
in the chamber
held by
the chord of
the inner instinct.


We walked in hand
Thro' the cities
And country over,
Shared our sweet memories
And danced like little lambs.
Loved all over
Carried away the blessings and goodwill.
A dark hand of fate,
Woke to see
And bore not to see the happiness.
Sought out in selfishness
To carry away
The simplicity of
Innocent gracefulness
When most needed
To nurse and
Share the humour
Of our reflections of the past,
Now driven to a place of desolution
And point of no return.


Smile of a hypocite
Is like poison,
Smile of a girl
Excites our sensuousness,
Smile of a chile
Rejenuvates a feeling of love and beauty,
Smile of a virgin
Unfolds the secret of her success,
Smile of a whore
Exposes the animal instinct,
Smile of a lady
Betrays the virtue of her secluded thoughts,
But-a smile of good thoughts
Consoles to enliven
Those frustrating efforts.


How are poems written?
They are musical and rhythmic,
Sweet and simple
And easy to follow?
How are poems written now?
Are they symbolic and abstract,
Vague and puzzling
In modern times?
Pondering over
To decipher
Those scattered lines
That lay in bonds,
As a spongy fruit
Within the hard shell.
Tender is your heart
Where the beauty lies
Not in your smiling face
Nor the disdainful one,
But from your innocent blush
That holds the key
To the secret
That lie hidden
In your chastity
Embedded with love
And sincerety.


Those lucent men abode,
Rumble came below,
Foe a sorrowful departure
Away from Mankind.
He departed
In search of wisdom elsewhere.
Single he went
to a place of eternity.
Foe he was the great--
And left too soon
Leaving his subect to proceed.
Revolution was in his blood,
Reformation was his principle.
He rebuked and scorned,
Pure were his words and deeds.
All religion that entertains
Has a few to speak.
Preaching and practising
In alleys and streets---
The words of the MAHATMA


There stand a poppy
Nudging with a sway,
Nature sows t nappy
In light so grey.
Water rushes below
Because the night was seducing.
Drowned in sorrow,
There he sat thinking
For days together in dark.
Walking in solitude
In a blossomed park,
For there rose a tide
A big sweeping one
Nature played and played,
For there was none to save
and down he fell dismayed.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Those two dreamy eyes
Is just so nice,
A long and slender nose
lanked ny cherry cheeks,
A pair of lips
Matching a garden rose,
Tastes-far sweeter than honey?
The wild blowing hair
That is raven black
Falls across the face
Like an embroidered lace
Of intricately woven pattern.
Light from the lantern
Throws a glimpse
Of the natural feaures.
With a sense of anxiety,
That face blushes
In animation
That flowered her thoughts
For a searching answer
Growing within her.


On a distant hill there stands
An old battered house.
Born to shield--
From the burning sun.
In the garden there flowered
Atree of emotion.
To quench its thirst
There flowed a small stream
That carried
The seed of frustration.
Lo' the westward wind
Carried my fruitful song
Which reverberated
Within those ruined walls.
Through the dying echo
A soft spoken voice-
The labour of my
Waiting years,
Drowned in a flood of perspiration,
Thawing the frozen snow
With a sigh of relief.


Sun, Stars and moon,

Wind, rain and darkness

In the world of lonely confinement, and

The nature around

Shares the warmth

Of their body

And transforms my mind

A storehouse

Of unbound happiness.

Caressing, love, music and kiss

Are the primary

Assets of life.

Mother, friend, mate and guide,

A tender touch

Curtains my sorrows,

A mate to share my thoughts,

A guide through

The narrow path

In darkness

Thro' the "Garden of Eden",

There inscribed my 'epitaph'.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


There, the colourful garden

Without its gesture

In the wake of the dusk

Smeared with dust and rubble.

Fragrance in the air,

Humming bees, and

Chirpping birds,

A joy for all,

And the love for one--where?

Lost in the depths of the earth,

Struggling against nature

For the hope to emerge

Under torrid conditions.

The beauth that is engraved

Never fails in its attire - for

The wilted flower

Born for one

After years of patient hope.


Trekking through the vast terrain
Lying sprawled beyond the horizon,
I enounter a strange feeling.
On my left a vast expanse
Of green meadows.
Horses and sheep graze lazily
On the rich ground.
The plight of the bony animals
Send a wave of
Shock and distress.
Peacocks dance to the
Merriment of the coming breeze,
A scene of satisfaction and hunger.
A piercing shreik
Drew my attention,
On my right a vast expanse
Of ploughed land.
Nature waits to see
The cruel whips of the lord,
Transforms the waste
Into full bloom
Toiling under the sweat and tears.
Those watching hawks
Hold the eins that leads to
The cruel laws of bonded labour,
A scene of injustice and slavery.
With stained cheeks
And ladn heart, I continue..
An instinct stir within
For the need to revolt
To free the caged birds.
One born with love,
Lived with care,
To live in happiness
And to die in freedom.
The failure to recognize one's
Identity is the beinning of disaster,
And reformation is the
Beginning of wisdom,
A view through humanity.


A streak of lightning

And a mighty roar

Shattered the eerie silence

Of the torrid summer.

It signalled the end

Of an ordeal

That was long overdue

With a sigh of relief.

Aroused those pregnant clouds

Adrift high above

With a tender touch

To answer the nature's call.

In grief and anxiety

The parched earth

Smiled to receive

The first showers.

Those cool and loving touch

Heralds an era of

Progress and prosperity

For all alike.

The ensuing embrace

Pull us out of our hiding

With outstretched arms

a of

tender touch



Those two litle hands

When touched my shoulders,Aroused me

From semi-consciousness

To excite

Those exotic feelings

Which lay buried deep

My shy

Sensuousness arose

Whenshe whispered--

Those words


A thousand times.

That keeps up my emotionslively.

A short moment of excitement

Was terminated.

It finally exploded

To shatter the crystal ball

To innumerous pieces.

Time will alone

Assemble it.

Back into slumber I fall.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the rain
weaves together
the thread of the bygone
and the forthcoming;
while the booming elements
the virgin earth's
new sensuousness
sending probing hands
into death's deep silence
by v.jayaramdas [posted on 13/08/2008]