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Saturday, October 25, 2008


She came through the dim,
Light clothed in the thinnest,
A transparent curtain
Hides the sanctity of love
With a touch of the wind.
With quiet steps and swinging hips
She fell into my hands.
Her buxom breast and hard nipples,
All rosy
to crush against my bare chest.
To cushion our desires
In shared warmth,
The soft body
A specimen of controlled perfection.
Sucking at her nipples
We lay unperturbed.
Head rests on her lap
And her hand weaves through
My ruffled hair
Whispering a hilarious story.
An excitement at the cost of
Critical comments.
My fingers harp on her breasts,
And calls me over
To part in embrace
From patting and petting.
Asked to awake from slumber
Away from hipnotising holocast
Emerging from the
Sea of delusions
Into the world of reality.


"Jasmine" that catches
The mounting crowds,
In endless pursuit,
The melliferous valley
With long tentacles,
Walked into the garden
Hearing the rumble
That yeilds to none
But one-
A glimpse of the shadow
Through the murky clouds,
With negligee and a bunch of flowers,
There stand the princess of the garden
In excuisite outlook.
In a state of frenzy,
She aroused my feelings
In exhibition.
Lo, a mirageous minx,
In cold climate I stand.


Humour come not
from your heart
but from the inner surface
of the dormant feelings
in a heavy flood
flowing thro' the body.
But they lie embalmed
in the chamber
held by
the chord of
the inner instinct.


We walked in hand
Thro' the cities
And country over,
Shared our sweet memories
And danced like little lambs.
Loved all over
Carried away the blessings and goodwill.
A dark hand of fate,
Woke to see
And bore not to see the happiness.
Sought out in selfishness
To carry away
The simplicity of
Innocent gracefulness
When most needed
To nurse and
Share the humour
Of our reflections of the past,
Now driven to a place of desolution
And point of no return.


Smile of a hypocite
Is like poison,
Smile of a girl
Excites our sensuousness,
Smile of a chile
Rejenuvates a feeling of love and beauty,
Smile of a virgin
Unfolds the secret of her success,
Smile of a whore
Exposes the animal instinct,
Smile of a lady
Betrays the virtue of her secluded thoughts,
But-a smile of good thoughts
Consoles to enliven
Those frustrating efforts.


How are poems written?
They are musical and rhythmic,
Sweet and simple
And easy to follow?
How are poems written now?
Are they symbolic and abstract,
Vague and puzzling
In modern times?
Pondering over
To decipher
Those scattered lines
That lay in bonds,
As a spongy fruit
Within the hard shell.
Tender is your heart
Where the beauty lies
Not in your smiling face
Nor the disdainful one,
But from your innocent blush
That holds the key
To the secret
That lie hidden
In your chastity
Embedded with love
And sincerety.


Those lucent men abode,
Rumble came below,
Foe a sorrowful departure
Away from Mankind.
He departed
In search of wisdom elsewhere.
Single he went
to a place of eternity.
Foe he was the great--
And left too soon
Leaving his subect to proceed.
Revolution was in his blood,
Reformation was his principle.
He rebuked and scorned,
Pure were his words and deeds.
All religion that entertains
Has a few to speak.
Preaching and practising
In alleys and streets---
The words of the MAHATMA


There stand a poppy
Nudging with a sway,
Nature sows t nappy
In light so grey.
Water rushes below
Because the night was seducing.
Drowned in sorrow,
There he sat thinking
For days together in dark.
Walking in solitude
In a blossomed park,
For there rose a tide
A big sweeping one
Nature played and played,
For there was none to save
and down he fell dismayed.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Those two dreamy eyes
Is just so nice,
A long and slender nose
lanked ny cherry cheeks,
A pair of lips
Matching a garden rose,
Tastes-far sweeter than honey?
The wild blowing hair
That is raven black
Falls across the face
Like an embroidered lace
Of intricately woven pattern.
Light from the lantern
Throws a glimpse
Of the natural feaures.
With a sense of anxiety,
That face blushes
In animation
That flowered her thoughts
For a searching answer
Growing within her.


On a distant hill there stands
An old battered house.
Born to shield--
From the burning sun.
In the garden there flowered
Atree of emotion.
To quench its thirst
There flowed a small stream
That carried
The seed of frustration.
Lo' the westward wind
Carried my fruitful song
Which reverberated
Within those ruined walls.
Through the dying echo
A soft spoken voice-
The labour of my
Waiting years,
Drowned in a flood of perspiration,
Thawing the frozen snow
With a sigh of relief.


Sun, Stars and moon,

Wind, rain and darkness

In the world of lonely confinement, and

The nature around

Shares the warmth

Of their body

And transforms my mind

A storehouse

Of unbound happiness.

Caressing, love, music and kiss

Are the primary

Assets of life.

Mother, friend, mate and guide,

A tender touch

Curtains my sorrows,

A mate to share my thoughts,

A guide through

The narrow path

In darkness

Thro' the "Garden of Eden",

There inscribed my 'epitaph'.