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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Bounteuous nature spread alike,
Over hills and valleys.
They seem stagnant by the dyke
Between plains and plateau.
Staning on the top,
T'was envied
When looked down below,
Those snake-like curves,
Unending they coil
Up and over the beautiful land.
Blood boils,
Arising out of human labour,
Running helter-skelter
For a cool dip
In that horrible situation-
Those half-naked beings--
There it uns smoothly
and uninterrupting,
Carrying the burden
In calm situation.
Free of hatred all around.
People who rule and
Hold the sail
Stay supreme.
Poor in spindle frames
Suffering in cold winter.
To live in harmony
And sorrow,
In combined state of ecstacy
Is the moment
Of lasting happiness.


Like a pearl among rags,
You in this world
Looking like a nag
With your looks so cold.

For us to pen
A graceful satire,
Standing in the den
Enclasped with fire.

She was like a rose
Standing in solitude,
Swaying with a pose
Along with the tide.

She's clothed in austere
Appearing for temptation.
Her heart was pure-
What a rare combination.

Standing over the grass
With her head in the air
Like a lass
Teasing for flair.

In this modern age,
With a smiling face,
Many to challenge
In isolated vase.

Rays finds it's way
For it to shine
All day
Least it can dine.

The roots are too short
For the ground is large,
It looks so smart
With water in the barge.

A horse came trotting
Through the garden,
The bees started buzzing
And vanished off in a sudden.

A vulture hovering over
To see the animals quiver,
When he comes lower
Down the spine runs a shiver.

When plucked at last,
I found none to mourn.
She left so fast
For it was born..........

Friday, February 20, 2009


You most want
Rest, peace and happiness-
Found not in the streets an alleys.
Do not wander
In search
For they are found within.
Like a streak of lightening
Across the sky
Unable to capture,
Only to deceive
And may never reach,
Andyour pursuit
Remains fruitless.


Not to speak of
A sound anywhere,
'tis time when nature
Rocks all into slumber.
Quietness around
When dreams
Separate the two world.
A sudden impact
Brings us to senses
And an inquisitive instinct
Prompts to probe
Into the mystry.
Knowing not that was an upsurge
To eliminate those unwanted thoughts
Playing as puppets
For purposeless gain.
Get up and walk fearlessly
Thro' the veil of Shrouded mystry.


The burning candle is extinguished,
There surrounds
A curtain of darkness
And without an aim in life
We wander
Thro' the wayside
Leading a life of
Uncertainity and error,
Neveer personify
The nature of the past
Nor evoke sympathy
In the wake of the created destiny.
Left to the mercy
To those who dare
To venture
And to extract the purity
Of honey,
As pure as raindrop
Left in the soul
Of an unfortunate untouchable.