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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Thro' the window
I see the lofty trees,
A scene of grace and beauty.
My greetings ecvery morning, and
Childhood memories
Recollect the lively green-
Splendour and beauty
Delight for all time.
An open foreground
Of sultry air,
Eyes roam to the furthur
Side of the horizon.
The plight to preserve
The gift of natural process
In protection
From the dire onslaught of the cruel sun--
There seem certain From the sight of
A barricade of fallen trees.


To live in harmony
Battling thro'
The dire straits of destiny.
A mate to walk in hand
To share an equal
In the gamble
Between life an death.
Stand supreme
And emerge
With perfect co-existence
And mutual understanding
To face the responsibility
Showered upon us
With ful assuarance
Of shared realities.
In silence
Thro' the simplicity
Of one's behaviour.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Children on the beach
That wears a festive mood
Once in a year-maybe in a lifetime;
Giggle and laughter rent the air
As waves keeps up the tempo.
Castles and trenches
Washed away by each wave,
But determination overcomes all.
Tiny hands moulds castles and figures,
Probably their dormant instinct-or
An ambition foreseen.
Those innocent children play tiredlessly,
Their small hands create.
Every lashing wave, that beats upshore,
Recedes with a jealous grin.
Cleaned and knocked down,
To start it all over again.
A game that may turn rue,
For time alone will tell.
Nearby on the same sprawling beach,
He watches with profound interest,
Tired and disgusted, all attempts turn futile.
Sincere attempts wore a frustrated look,
But age builds no barriers of difference.
More hands lend greater inspiration
And locks no secret in their tender mind.
Alone and staring into emptiness
Over the gliding waves.
His eye catches something, I know not what.
And smiles-
A smile that instigates his desire,
Covers his face like a blossomed flower.
Instantly he gets up and moves
Slowly towards his friends.
Unknown of a nearby guest
Their moments hold no second thought.
Unity and oneness held at bay,
Their concentration held sway.
After a minute-pause
"Can I join you?"
Neumerous eyes blinked at him.
After a moment of silence,
He smiled and walked away.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Never ending flow of words,
A monotonous complexion,
Roaring traffic,
Chirping birds and the
Screeching mongooses
Adds to the noisy polution.
a growing feeling of unrest
And to break the binds
Of the elusive quietness
stand remote
In the farthest place
Of hearts delight.
The heavy air fills the room
to push the drowsy moments
In this suffocating atmosphere
Into a remote corner.
Lifts myself
On the threshold
Of serene settings
In solitary approach
To revolt
Against the infringement
Into nature's valuable asset
for all mankind.


Death that awaits
Round the corner
At your wicked deeds
Frowns at the
Virtues of goodness
And growing harmony.
Under the cover of goodness
Sows the seed of hypocracy,
Acts as a termite
In the body,
Helps to disintegrate
The fruit of unity.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Flame of the forest
There stood amidst
Ruins and desertion.
Lit up the surrounding
There stood the life
Urging the dying soul
To turn back-
Back into solitude.
To remain in forgotten memory,
Try to live and belong
And remain for the years to follow.
Wake up from your slumber
And come-
Come and unite forever.


A quiet and windy night
When the babes have just gone to sleep,
Nature awaits for me;
Not to mock-but to keep close to me,
Share the warmth and to exchange feelings.
Get mixed up with frenzy thoughts.
Crowds seemed too hostile
And lacks patience to overcome the hazards piled before them.
Fog begins to fall and I hug closer for warmth.
Quite a long way I trod each day
Just for an acquaintence-not to disappoint.
Roads turn rough and weather rather cruel,
From the hostile crowd, I find a soothing touch.
My first lessons begins from here.
Where none cared to give.
Essential qualities and basic concepts of a near complete and total living
Sinks deep within me
The missing chink eludes me, for I am in no hurry.
With a sudden impule I turn,
A few hundred yards behind a frail lady,
Rather grim faced and obcessed with feae.
In a secluded and dangerous place all alone fo an unknown date.
For a date with nature,
A question remained unanswerwed.
I stopped for her to come up,
Looked at her face,
Gracefulness and simplicity clearly shows.
Without a word we moved.
She seemed assured,
An urge to break the silence, proved inconclusive.
In front of a mansion she stopped and looked,
She smiled and thanked me.
A smile worth a fortune
Thawed the snow around.
A sudden wave of enthusiasm
And the light that seemed to fade-brightened.
With unbound happiness
Overflowing with emotions,
I carried on.
That first encounter
Was the beginning of a new chapter-
Gratitude for kindness.