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Friday, February 27, 2015

        THE BALL
There floats a blue ball
In vacuum like a doll,
Surrounded by flickering bulbs
White as innocent lambs.

In various moods it appears,
And down the path it dances.
Blanketed by innumerous guards,
Drifting along against odds.

A source of worship in the past,
In the mind was that cast
A source of anxiety
Among orthodox society.

We pray at random,
Sitting in celestial kingdom.
Others prepare forth
A journey towards north.

When this dream was conqured.
The hearts of few were angered.
Then news that was n a vision
 Broke the chord of superstition.
I-ran to save him,
Bur saw him glide into the grave.

Tremendous speed to speak of,
In a variety of
Color size and shape
Controlled by the mind and body, 
A boon to mankind.
An overnight dream
To travel places,
Saves time anxiety and suspense
Or to a garland of death?
Havoc on innocents--
Blame none, 
Oh, how sad, 
Fall not
For there's a bait
Round the corner.
To avoid all troubles, 
With caution we proceed,
an ideal way to success.

              A VAIN ATTEMPT

I go to the depths of the ocean
In search of gems, 
There I set a bait for animals,
For none has fallen in.
At last a dwarfy spooky elf
Clothed in austere
Acknowledging to all,
Born as a human
Covering for vision,
Tracking a spoor and
Giving spoon
To passerby all.
That saturine temperament
And welcome satyarases and elopes,
Crest fallen and to the depths
Like a raging raven
Facing an uphill task.
Ravaging all at sight
In utter despair--
Still to commemorate
The drama of life.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


So cruel and wicked all around;
As they sway to and fro
In stormy weather.
Shivering in the cold
They plead-be kind
With running tears.
Tormented by the rain,and
The wind blows across the field of view,
At first - a colorful lady,
So tall and beautiful, 
Now stripped to the skin.
There she stands in snow and dew
To hide her shame.
So gallantly she fought
without a chance.
Patiently she waits
For an eventful turn.

Oh, nymph descended from heaven,
You ripened at eleven.
Waiting for her groom
To deal with the broom.

Alas, none has come?
Goddess in minds of some

Swaying her unruptuous body
to and fro, 
To corner glory
with half raised brow.

Mermaid from the ocean,
To start her charming missions.
Rocking like a dancer
To end with cancer.

There ends the days of sorrow,
Always thinking of tomorrow.
Days come and days go,
Why is it so

She in the eyes of humanity
Strikes like a demon.
Still o fine her lover
She bids good-bye forever.


An etherial
of adventure
mingles in
the haze
and purifies.
Brought to the
drowned n a sleepy world--
he and I alone


the  rain
weaves together
the thread of the bygone
and the forthcoming;
while the booming elements
the virgin earths'
new sensousness
sending probing hands
into deaths' deep silence


In this world of darkness
I roam for peace and love,
Probe at unseen corners With sure steps ahead.
Loneliness-that befrriends
In sadness and happiness,
Draws me from physical sensousness
Into aesthetic thinking.
Imagination and words
Give me a piece of mind
Away from sorrows
And weaves a net 
Of queer thoughts,
In solitude I trod.
For pleasure I scribble
a few words.
Filled with agony and
Going into wilderness,
I leave my work behind
In darkness;
Loneliness I wish to remain.