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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Queer are the ways of human beings,
That etch the pages-
A play of tragedy and comedy
Woven thro' the heights and depths
Of surging endeavour.
Calls that chases the openings
Bows before the gate of charity and gratitude.
Teasing and compelling,
Struggling in situations
That marks and blots the leaves
To emerge from the situation
Of nobility
At the hour of lasting farewell.


While walking thro' a deserted lane,
A veil of darkness fell across.
Like a sudden lightwening and thunder,
The door bolts itself
Far away from visibility.
In the period of submission,
Lay an ordeal.
Flicker of light
Falls from the candle,
It's rays drew the veil--
A picture of brutal assault.
Fluttering between life and death,
Destructive intuition of the upsurging elements
Spread wide to mutilate
The complex pattern
Of human rights.


Look around in delight
Then hold your breath
For a moment of respite.
Patience that pinch your nerves,
Bubbles with inquisitiveness
To reach out for the secret
They lay buried for generations--
In the depths lie
The mystery.
Missing link that chases in pursuit
The theories of the mind,
Intensifies deeper
And weighs upon
Your patience and perseverence.
Hold in patience-when
Itself unfolds the secret
In all probability.


A sitution by the stroke of fate--
Not the blue blood
Or of a low cast,
Nor the difference in colour,
Cast and creed.
Blood just remains the same
For all alike.
Years of crushed misery
And intended slavery
Evolved the class
Of working men.
Drawing a line betwix
Is to cast your belongings
To the pyre.
Once born, they work
To live a honest life.
A perfect co-existence
When the intelligence
Built by bravery and hardwork
Bear fruit.
Some who work in shade
And some toil in the sun.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Thro' the window
I see the lofty trees,
A scene of grace and beauty.
My greetings ecvery morning, and
Childhood memories
Recollect the lively green-
Splendour and beauty
Delight for all time.
An open foreground
Of sultry air,
Eyes roam to the furthur
Side of the horizon.
The plight to preserve
The gift of natural process
In protection
From the dire onslaught of the cruel sun--
There seem certain From the sight of
A barricade of fallen trees.


To live in harmony
Battling thro'
The dire straits of destiny.
A mate to walk in hand
To share an equal
In the gamble
Between life an death.
Stand supreme
And emerge
With perfect co-existence
And mutual understanding
To face the responsibility
Showered upon us
With ful assuarance
Of shared realities.
In silence
Thro' the simplicity
Of one's behaviour.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Children on the beach
That wears a festive mood
Once in a year-maybe in a lifetime;
Giggle and laughter rent the air
As waves keeps up the tempo.
Castles and trenches
Washed away by each wave,
But determination overcomes all.
Tiny hands moulds castles and figures,
Probably their dormant instinct-or
An ambition foreseen.
Those innocent children play tiredlessly,
Their small hands create.
Every lashing wave, that beats upshore,
Recedes with a jealous grin.
Cleaned and knocked down,
To start it all over again.
A game that may turn rue,
For time alone will tell.
Nearby on the same sprawling beach,
He watches with profound interest,
Tired and disgusted, all attempts turn futile.
Sincere attempts wore a frustrated look,
But age builds no barriers of difference.
More hands lend greater inspiration
And locks no secret in their tender mind.
Alone and staring into emptiness
Over the gliding waves.
His eye catches something, I know not what.
And smiles-
A smile that instigates his desire,
Covers his face like a blossomed flower.
Instantly he gets up and moves
Slowly towards his friends.
Unknown of a nearby guest
Their moments hold no second thought.
Unity and oneness held at bay,
Their concentration held sway.
After a minute-pause
"Can I join you?"
Neumerous eyes blinked at him.
After a moment of silence,
He smiled and walked away.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Never ending flow of words,
A monotonous complexion,
Roaring traffic,
Chirping birds and the
Screeching mongooses
Adds to the noisy polution.
a growing feeling of unrest
And to break the binds
Of the elusive quietness
stand remote
In the farthest place
Of hearts delight.
The heavy air fills the room
to push the drowsy moments
In this suffocating atmosphere
Into a remote corner.
Lifts myself
On the threshold
Of serene settings
In solitary approach
To revolt
Against the infringement
Into nature's valuable asset
for all mankind.


Death that awaits
Round the corner
At your wicked deeds
Frowns at the
Virtues of goodness
And growing harmony.
Under the cover of goodness
Sows the seed of hypocracy,
Acts as a termite
In the body,
Helps to disintegrate
The fruit of unity.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Flame of the forest
There stood amidst
Ruins and desertion.
Lit up the surrounding
There stood the life
Urging the dying soul
To turn back-
Back into solitude.
To remain in forgotten memory,
Try to live and belong
And remain for the years to follow.
Wake up from your slumber
And come-
Come and unite forever.


A quiet and windy night
When the babes have just gone to sleep,
Nature awaits for me;
Not to mock-but to keep close to me,
Share the warmth and to exchange feelings.
Get mixed up with frenzy thoughts.
Crowds seemed too hostile
And lacks patience to overcome the hazards piled before them.
Fog begins to fall and I hug closer for warmth.
Quite a long way I trod each day
Just for an acquaintence-not to disappoint.
Roads turn rough and weather rather cruel,
From the hostile crowd, I find a soothing touch.
My first lessons begins from here.
Where none cared to give.
Essential qualities and basic concepts of a near complete and total living
Sinks deep within me
The missing chink eludes me, for I am in no hurry.
With a sudden impule I turn,
A few hundred yards behind a frail lady,
Rather grim faced and obcessed with feae.
In a secluded and dangerous place all alone fo an unknown date.
For a date with nature,
A question remained unanswerwed.
I stopped for her to come up,
Looked at her face,
Gracefulness and simplicity clearly shows.
Without a word we moved.
She seemed assured,
An urge to break the silence, proved inconclusive.
In front of a mansion she stopped and looked,
She smiled and thanked me.
A smile worth a fortune
Thawed the snow around.
A sudden wave of enthusiasm
And the light that seemed to fade-brightened.
With unbound happiness
Overflowing with emotions,
I carried on.
That first encounter
Was the beginning of a new chapter-
Gratitude for kindness.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Bounteuous nature spread alike,
Over hills and valleys.
They seem stagnant by the dyke
Between plains and plateau.
Staning on the top,
T'was envied
When looked down below,
Those snake-like curves,
Unending they coil
Up and over the beautiful land.
Blood boils,
Arising out of human labour,
Running helter-skelter
For a cool dip
In that horrible situation-
Those half-naked beings--
There it uns smoothly
and uninterrupting,
Carrying the burden
In calm situation.
Free of hatred all around.
People who rule and
Hold the sail
Stay supreme.
Poor in spindle frames
Suffering in cold winter.
To live in harmony
And sorrow,
In combined state of ecstacy
Is the moment
Of lasting happiness.


Like a pearl among rags,
You in this world
Looking like a nag
With your looks so cold.

For us to pen
A graceful satire,
Standing in the den
Enclasped with fire.

She was like a rose
Standing in solitude,
Swaying with a pose
Along with the tide.

She's clothed in austere
Appearing for temptation.
Her heart was pure-
What a rare combination.

Standing over the grass
With her head in the air
Like a lass
Teasing for flair.

In this modern age,
With a smiling face,
Many to challenge
In isolated vase.

Rays finds it's way
For it to shine
All day
Least it can dine.

The roots are too short
For the ground is large,
It looks so smart
With water in the barge.

A horse came trotting
Through the garden,
The bees started buzzing
And vanished off in a sudden.

A vulture hovering over
To see the animals quiver,
When he comes lower
Down the spine runs a shiver.

When plucked at last,
I found none to mourn.
She left so fast
For it was born..........

Friday, February 20, 2009


You most want
Rest, peace and happiness-
Found not in the streets an alleys.
Do not wander
In search
For they are found within.
Like a streak of lightening
Across the sky
Unable to capture,
Only to deceive
And may never reach,
Andyour pursuit
Remains fruitless.


Not to speak of
A sound anywhere,
'tis time when nature
Rocks all into slumber.
Quietness around
When dreams
Separate the two world.
A sudden impact
Brings us to senses
And an inquisitive instinct
Prompts to probe
Into the mystry.
Knowing not that was an upsurge
To eliminate those unwanted thoughts
Playing as puppets
For purposeless gain.
Get up and walk fearlessly
Thro' the veil of Shrouded mystry.


The burning candle is extinguished,
There surrounds
A curtain of darkness
And without an aim in life
We wander
Thro' the wayside
Leading a life of
Uncertainity and error,
Neveer personify
The nature of the past
Nor evoke sympathy
In the wake of the created destiny.
Left to the mercy
To those who dare
To venture
And to extract the purity
Of honey,
As pure as raindrop
Left in the soul
Of an unfortunate untouchable.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


A sudden spray of water
Percolate thro' my hair,
Tickles my skin
To arouse some
Of my dormant inhibitions,
Of a cooling touch
The water runs down
My body-
To kill the torrid feeling
That stayed to give some uneasy moments.
Now clensed-
I walk out into the fragrant air
Who hugs in affection
With a parting kiss,
Still moist
Till the next......


This collosal structure
Stand on frail pillars
Over an unsound basement.
The sins of injustice
Infused into the veins
Stands to pollute.

At the mercy
Of the raging multitudes
Throws a face of cowardice.
Unless the consciousness
Revolt against reality,
We stand no choice.

Survival seems obsolete,
As the basement cracks
To give way for the pillars
To bring down the edifice
Down at the feet of the captive

To sink the load,
Seems an ardous task
For the past
Weighs heavily
Against odds around.


Walking thro' the green pastures
Alone in thought
Accompanied by emptiness
Of cool breeze and surrounding-
In company of solitude an hope.
The nature nods in appreciation,
Deceit or envy,
All swirls around
To comfort in reality.
Dark clouds above
Accompany for miles at stretch
To shower the seeds of goodwill
That will long live
In the memories of the past
And generation to follow.

Captivates the inner feelings
To savour and drown
The ecstacy and labour of truth
That lies in the torrent
Which succeeds
To sow and reap the fruit of hopefulness.
Bathed in a veil of despair,
Yearn for the morrow
To bring and guide
Thro' the winding path
Hidden ahead.


A verse that
Transforms into
Sweet melodies,
Strikes the inner surface
To stir up happiness
And lock up
Those tragic moments
For a timely intervention.
To absorb the harmony
Of passive voice
Flowing out of
Concentrated effects
To kindle those elusive embers,
And sparkle forth
To smile and cheer
The imprisoned
Enthusiastic emotions
For a moment of time
In life's gamble.


Can I share the bench?
Sure, why not-
That was rather involuntary.
Perfume and artificial make-up
Polluted the air around.
Rather suffocating and nauseating-
A quick glance in discomfort
Greets with a flowing smile.
Gleeming yellow teeth and odour,
Churned my stomach vigorously.
Excuse me and got to leave,
She followed behind.
Thro' the surging crowd I escaped
And landed
Amidst some groovy ones.
Steps behind came to a still-
I dropped beside them on the stony bench,
Instantly they sprang to their feet
And abused-you stinking animal.
My lips moved without a sound and turned around,
Ran into a lady, for such was the haste,
Looked up straight and recognised--
Again those yellow teeth- Oh you again.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Honour your respect
And your friends
In true sense of human nature.
For every road to
Perfection leaves
Some space
For all alike-
At some stage during the journey.
All deeds are created
For some comes unexpectedly.
Strive to uplift
The morals
In lasting peace
And secuity and serenity
During the events that follow.


Come to me
I'll sing a little song,
It's about a bumble bee
Who cared to live so long
In this funny world,
Worth all the care,
So brave and bold
He seemed to share.

Here and there he hovers
With a piercing sound,
Among the flowers
He's sure to be found.
skimming over the heads
To scare those little children
Playing with tiny beads
In the beautiful garden.

Chased away fom their midst
To a distant place,
Riding at the crest
With all its powerful grace.
As the sun grew bold
The air began to churn.
Suddenly they disappear into the distant
For he's sure to return again.


Tulips and lillies
Adorn the table.
The light illuminates a sheet of paper,
And a pen in my hand.
All movements ceased
The time to work
For those who toil under the burning candle light.

Gentle flame of flicker
And throws my shadow on the wall behind.
Sheets of paper strewn around
Accounts for an uncertain beginning.
Probed and pinched, all in vain
Within the yellow flame.
Blue and yellow nods at me-
Sorry, 'tis a long time passed
And still at the very beginning.

Roses and poppies came from different land
For one holds not all-
I curse in discontent
And tear up another paper-and
After some time
My hands feel the wooden table,
Looked down and saw it staring with emptiness.


The call of nature no one knows
Knocks at all door
Once in a lifetime-
The harbinger of tranquility and respite
Holds the unity of all sensuousness.
Sedulous and worldly pleasures
Brings along a thoughtful opinion, the clouds of restlessness.

Our companion all along
Shores the conflict of righteousness
During the inevitable turn of events-
Rather reluctantly yeild.
Then he goes in search of another companion.

Recollections of a horrible dream.

At the dawn of evolution born and rose from the depths of the bowels of the crust, twisted and ground evolves an entity and emerges through the veil of destiny. A cruel fate of destiny encircles the body that emerges from its shadow to the rays of sunshine to envlope them and drown in the quicksand and then disappears to eternity. Then again arose from the depths of the quagmire, an element that strangles and chokes. That is: metamorphosis is the manifestation of a morbid schizophrenic in totality of his internal self. He is submissive to all forms of sanity and is caught in the cobweb of one's own mutilated compulsions.