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Tuesday, April 5, 2016



I havd discovered that friendship is something that lives and grows. It requires time care and attention.  It has it's ups and downs, but sometimes the difficulties makes it
stronger than this relationship between persons.  It is almost a thing in itself,and yet there is nothing one can see or touch. I have discovered there is something "mysterious" about this relationship. I have seen changes in me because of u , and changes in you because of me.  I am the same person before and yet, because of your presence in my life, I am different.  I have become more sure of myself bcause of you lie me the way I am.  I am interested in more things because you are interested in them.  I have grown as a person to become of sharing so much with you..... and you, too, have changed, grown and expanded.

I am leaning from friendship that there are things in lifew, the most important things, that I cannot see, count or measure in any way.  The qualities and effects of friendship that mea most to me are the very ones I really cannot define or even describe.  Nr can I descrbe my friend..... the more I nw you and share with you,  the more I discover about u.  I think we could be friends for fifty years and still find something new in each other.  All I Know about you, is that I am better because of you.  I am free, stronger and happier.  This friendship wch I can't see, touch or taste makes all the difference in my life.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Through the still night
A shrill voice broke,
That echoed and reverberated
And froze the dead in their graves
A morbid one
Or a nightmare?
A cataclysmic scene
That prevailed outside
When a renegade intrigues
Like an inimical rogue
Whose ferocious and rough
Obstruct the solace.
Optimistic of the shriek
Of those in dark locales
Relating to the gruesome.

Beware of men,
Those social beings.
Their human quality is in distant land,
With a masked outlook
And creamy words
They flatter
To deceive for selfish motives,
To quench their carnal urge.
Again behind that look
Lay a trap
To capture
Those innocent beings
For selfish motiv.
An evening under that jasmine,
That spreads
Is fragrant smell,
Was a blessing
On a happy couple.
One with a sense of guilt
The other innocent one,
Mutually set to harbor
Their longing desire,
And in him a burning passion
Merged into one
They lay sprawled in dust. 

how and what do we write?
are they musical and rhythmic,
sweet and simple and easy to follow?
These days
'tis symbolic and abstract,
vague and puzzling
in days we see.
pondering over to decipher,
those scattered lines
that lie in bonds,
as a spongy fruit
within the hard shell.
tender is your heart
where the beauty lies
not on your smiling face 
nor the disdainful one,
but from your innocent blush
that hold the key
to  the secret
that lie hidden
in your chastity
embedded with love
and sincerity.


Hoping for and not getting
A glass of water
In this sultry summer
He stood deprived.
The air was dry
And blew across
Made him restless
For want of water.
It slipped like an eel
Under his hand,
For it seemed unjust-
Beyond the law.
He held out
Both his hands in hope
To hold and feel good
To quench forever.

            A TRIP
Long and slender, t.
hey sat to fill,
Squatting in wonder, stared n still
A slit on the side and thrown to waste,
Waiting for the ride, Making into a paste.
Watching with hunger, honor to the first
Coming in number, quenching the thirst.
When the show begins, in goes the devil,
Visualises some designs from the pant it came from.

Floating in the wind, a swirl of the head,
That wandering mind, was as heavy as lead.
Racing thro' the heavens, on a carpet so large,
Seeing in sevens and water in the barge.
Part of a measure, that works so good,
Giving pleasure and taken as food.
All so melodramatic each of the members,
felt so dynamic, as they fall into slumber.



Locusts invade from the west,
Peasant gets no rest.
Ravaging all at sight
How valianty they fight.
Like two unequals,
Spiritedly they face the  monolith.

Reinforcing and charging without end,
A savior round the bend.
Red was the earth in blood,
Full was the river in flood.
Milling millions in expulsion,
Rushing for protection.

It was a hefty job
To control the tears of innocent mobs,
Sad sight in bony girdle.
Housed at camps in fields
From he locusts a shield.

Fear and misery everywhere,
All their words given care.
In  terror and fright they flee,
Corpses and epidemic all we see.
Fapping of wings do we hear,
Few stood to hold their fear.

Fire kindled for all united, 
An unseen hand saw them guided.
A country in shamble
Paid to gamble.
Felling all at sight,
Was a sorry plight.

Smile from their face was washed
When their dreams were dashed.
Beyond repair-The prestige was broken
Few played as puppets
Some before muskets.

Over the ocean smiled the eagle,
Across the land blew the bugle.
To the depths went the eagle
Though they charged in a single.
In a trice all set right,
Birth of a nation was at sight.

Up in the fore as expected,
All ever it was respected.
Torturing and poisoned
Roughly they were questioned.
Freed of their masters in kingdom,
Forward they marched in freedom.

Through the streets - saviour ply,
High in the sky honor fly.
Low in the bed martyrs lay,
To the nation did they pay.
Above the beams of ray,
All held at bay.

A new page in annuls written,
Inspiration in others brighten.
Among brave found no punks,
Many locusts found in bunks.
Rounded and put in a well,
To return at the sound of the bell.

Harvesting the fruit they got,
Toil under the sun so hot.
Disbursed of worldly pleasures
Settling to rightful measures.
Accomplished their cherished dream,
Bound firmly by the contours of the realm.