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Monday, March 2, 2015

            A TRIP
Long and slender, t.
hey sat to fill,
Squatting in wonder, stared n still
A slit on the side and thrown to waste,
Waiting for the ride, Making into a paste.
Watching with hunger, honor to the first
Coming in number, quenching the thirst.
When the show begins, in goes the devil,
Visualises some designs from the pant it came from.

Floating in the wind, a swirl of the head,
That wandering mind, was as heavy as lead.
Racing thro' the heavens, on a carpet so large,
Seeing in sevens and water in the barge.
Part of a measure, that works so good,
Giving pleasure and taken as food.
All so melodramatic each of the members,
felt so dynamic, as they fall into slumber.

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