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Tuesday, April 5, 2016



I havd discovered that friendship is something that lives and grows. It requires time care and attention.  It has it's ups and downs, but sometimes the difficulties makes it
stronger than this relationship between persons.  It is almost a thing in itself,and yet there is nothing one can see or touch. I have discovered there is something "mysterious" about this relationship. I have seen changes in me because of u , and changes in you because of me.  I am the same person before and yet, because of your presence in my life, I am different.  I have become more sure of myself bcause of you lie me the way I am.  I am interested in more things because you are interested in them.  I have grown as a person to become of sharing so much with you..... and you, too, have changed, grown and expanded.

I am leaning from friendship that there are things in lifew, the most important things, that I cannot see, count or measure in any way.  The qualities and effects of friendship that mea most to me are the very ones I really cannot define or even describe.  Nr can I descrbe my friend..... the more I nw you and share with you,  the more I discover about u.  I think we could be friends for fifty years and still find something new in each other.  All I Know about you, is that I am better because of you.  I am free, stronger and happier.  This friendship wch I can't see, touch or taste makes all the difference in my life.

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